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General Info

Temperature Inside: 23.2 ℃
Humidity Inside: 36 %
CO2 Level Ground Floor: 655 PPM
CO2 Level First Floor : 400 PPM
Light level: 39 lux
Noise Level: 51 dB
Temperature Outside: 24.8 ℃
Humidity Outside: 23 %
Forecast: Partly Cloudy
Pressure Sensor: 996 hPa
UV-Index: 0 (Low)
Current Rain: 0 mm/h
Rain last 24h: 0 mm

Power Grid: 2209 Watt
Known Devices: 2284 Watt
Power Usage Today: -1.245 kWh
Power Counter: 15917.144 kWh
Gas Counter: 1920.459 m3
Solar Grid 1: Online at 159 Watt
Solar Grid 1 Performance: 8%
Solar Grid 2: Online at 55 Watt
Solar Grid 2 Performance: 7.8%
Total Solar Power: 214 Watt
Solar Energy Today: 10.201 kWh

Water Usage Today: 358 Liter
Gas Usage Today: 0.79 m3

Last Events:

HA Events in DB: 2713890
FireAlarm: 2017-06-25 12:19:14
Doorbell: 2019-04-20 19:08:05
Mailbox: 2019-04-24 16:40:19

Website Users Online: 1
Updated: 24-04-2019 18:21:59

Light Info

Light Sensor Inside: Off
Light Sensor Outside: Off
Sunrise: 06:18:04
Sunset: 20:50:14

WiFi Presence

Robert Mobile: Online
(Since: 2019-04-24 18:21:59)
Lianne Mobile: Online
(Since: 2019-04-24 18:21:38)

BLE 4.0 Beacon Tags

iTag Robert - RS: -79 Dst: +/-2.7m
Last Seen: 2019-02-14 07:15:02 Offline
iTag GSM - RS: -87 Dst: +/-5.5m
Last Seen: 2019-04-01 20:10:00 Offline
iTag Lianne - RS: -88 Dst: +/- 6m
Last Seen: 2019-04-24 18:21:04 Tracker: 1
FitBit-Charge3 - RS: -97 Dst: +/- 12.5m
Last Seen: 2019-04-24 18:19:21 Tracker: 1
FitBit-Charge2 - RS: -82 Dst: +/-3.5m
Last Seen: 2017-04-14 18:02:56 Offline
Car-Robert - RS: -96 Dst: +/-11.6m
Last Seen: 2019-04-24 12:03:24 Offline
Car-Lianne - RS: -99 Dst: +/-14.7m
Last Seen: 2019-04-24 12:16:14 Offline

Roberts FitBit Status

Steps Today: 1326 (7 stair climbs)
Distance Traveled: 0.95 Km
Calories Burned: 1614 kilocalories
Resting Heart-Rate: 73 bpm
Hours sleep today: 10:19
Last Night Sleep Efficiency: 94%
Last Sync: 24-04-2019 17:06

Roomba Cleaner

State : On Base: Trickle Charging
Battery Level: 100%
Last Clean Time: 05 hours 13 minutes
Total Time: 700 hours 03 minutes
Total Clean Distance: 761.69km
Updated: 24-04-2019 18:21:33

Device Status

Opentherm GateWay: Online (0 ms)
Fritzbox CallMonitor: Online (0 ms)
Mi-Light Controller: Online (118 ms)
Solar Monitor: Online (12 ms)
Door/Mail Cam: Offline
Garden Cam: Online (50 ms)
VuBox: Online (0 ms)
RPi 1: Online (1 ms)
RPi 2: Online (10 ms)
SmartMeter: Online (2 ms)

january 10, 2014 07:44pm

Mailbox Notifications

Today I build some notification system for our mailbox, to send the information
I modified an “klik aan klik uit” door sensor, I extended the reed switch inside with some
Network cable, and put some isolation on it. The switch is glued with pattex between the mailbox and the door
Now on the moving part on the mailbox I glued the magnet to trigger the switch.


The KAKU sensor itself is mounted next to the mailbox hole at the inside, as soon as someone opens the
Mailbox we get an notification on the phone, and the system is taking a picture over the doorcam.. :)

Why.. because it’s cool.. and because I can

january 05, 2014 07:14pm

FritzBox Call monitor and events

Today I got an fritzbox 7170 to replace the old ATA for VoIP calls and integrate with the analog network
This box also have CallMonitor functionality so of course it’s integrated in the domotica system now

What is done:
- Activate call socket by dialing #96*7*
- Activate call monitor by dialing #96*5*

After this I connected with telnet to port 1012 to see how the data looks like and made my
Own php service to connect to the port and extract the data to store in the system

With this information we can also make some cool events :)
When the TV is switched on, and the phone rings, it will look up the phone number first
In the internal database (if not found there it searched internet phonebook) now it will put a popup
Screen on the television with the number and the name of the caller, so we don’t have to walk to the phone
To see who’s calling.. lazy.. mwah.. cool.. yeah hehe

In case no-body is home, it will send and NMA (notify my android) push message to the phones with the caller number and name
So even when we’re not there, we can call back (if we want to)

And of course the information is directly available on our internal website (and masked on our public site)

december 28, 2013 10:46am

CV Tuning and auto switching

Today I started with CV tuning, i already implemented CV control based on precense. so if no-one is home, the system will automatically send an event to the opentherm gateway to put the CV to 15 degrees, in this mode also the DHW (Direct Hot Water) is disabled.

as soon as someone known to the system is coming in the range of the house, it will switch back the CV to the old value, and of course enable the DHW

I also made some tests with lower water temperature, the old setting was 70 degrees for CV heating, but as we have a lot of isolation jobs done last year i found we could also heat up the rooms with a temperature of 50 degrees (this saves me 30 to 40% on my gas usage..

i also have some fans in back order to build our own DBEs based on flow temperature.

of course it's not really cold yet.. so we have to wait to see how this settings hold when it's freezing outside..

Will be continued... :)

october 09, 2013 04:11pm

Stuff Stuff Stuff

So Whats new last weeks :)

New Central Heating
We got our new Remeha Calenta with iSense Thermostat. i already found out the CH is using 60% less power to run the pump at 100% compared to the old one.. so this winter we should save a lot on energy. our house is also more isolated now because of the new wall isolation and new windows on the first floor.. so very curious :)

Opentherm GateWay
Also installed an OT Gateway between the iSense and the Remeha, now i have the possibility to realtime see the pump state, setpoints, CH pressure, and usage of CH or Hot Water.. Also nice is the option to inject the outside temperature and set the inside temperature by my domitica system.

The OT Gateway is conencted to a small linux wifi embedded device, that give me the option to connect wireless to it over TCP/IP Socks, and display this realtime on the website

Solar Panel Info
I connected the invertor of our solar panels over over RS232 to a serial to ethernet convertor, now the domotica system can read out realtime values of voltage, watts, internal invertor temp, running hours etc, ofcourse also displayed realtime on the site when the invertor is online.

Automated toilet light
as my son is too small to hit the light switch in the toilet i placed a KAKU PIR and wireless kaku sensor in the toilet room, now as soon as someone steps in, the light will go on automaticly, and switched off after 5 minutes of no movement, ofcourse the old switch also works for manual override